Monday, June 28, 2010

Q&A with EJPcreations!

EJPcreations is the purveyor of some of the most unique, intriguing jewelry I’ve ever seen! I have been admiring her work since she joined Etsy’s Dark Side and she keeps impressing me. I was lucky enough to receive a pair of her earrings last year and the quality is excellent. If you are looking for goth, steampunk, or Victorian jewelry her store should definitely be on your list of places to shop!

CZ: Tell us a little about yourself!
EJP: I have been creating obscure items my entire life. Anything my little mind could dream up was instantly put on paper so I could work out the puzzle of making it a reality. Coming from a very creative family this notion of making artwork in any form was ingrained in me since birth. Contained in my artistic arsenal is an AA degree in Visual Presentation. A BFA in Crafts and Metalsmithing, and a BA in Anthropology with a focus in Japanese Urban culture, and Primatology. In some amazingly mystic, and extremely bizarre way all these studies have funneled into the work I produce today.

CZ: What type of items do you sell?
EJP: Primarily the items I make take the form of wearable art… tiaras, necklaces, earrings, bracelets. Mixed media, sculpture, and functional art are still on my list of favorites to create. I have this unending need to make dioramas coupled with a sort of sculptural casing. So I’m in the middle of designing a few of those, also I have recently been getting an itch to get back to my metalsmithing roots. So I’m going to probably work up a couple of pieces in the next few months, but don’t worry the clock hands are a part of my soul that I will never be able to live without so they will continue being made no matter what.

CZ: What is the inspiration behind your shop?
EJP: The biggest inspiration behind my shop was that once I finished art school I didn’t want to stop making art like most of my friends had. Most of my classmates after leaving school were so burned-out on making art that they wouldn’t pick up their media again for maybe six months after graduation. Then IF they did they were so tired after work that more than likely they would only do artwork on the weekends. Then life gets in the way… rent, and children become far more important than any esthetic pursuit. Slowly and surely, the dream is strangled and fades until art school is just a distant bittersweet memory. I opened my shop thinking that it would help me off set the cost of my materials, and give me the incentive to keep creating. And that it has done and so much more I can’t even tell you. Opening this shop was probably the best decision I made in my life, and also the hardest.

CZ: What is the greatest compliment you have received about your work?
EJP: I think I am most flattered when someone chooses something I make to wear on their wedding day. To be a little part of someone’s special day, a day that will live on in their mind for the rest of their life is complement enough to me.

CZ: When did you first realize that you weren’t “like the other kids”?
EJP: The snippet of time that comes to my mind the clearest is in seventh grade. Everyone had just come back to school from summer break and we all went around the room stating what we did over the summer. When it came to be my turn I proudly stated that I had read all the works by Molière. My mom and dad had an amazing library and I found my way over to his plays. The teacher didn’t even know who he was and quickly went on to the next person. I decided not to talk to much about my interests openly after that until high school when I found some like minded people.

CZ: What’s a typical day in the life of this Dark Sider like?
EJP: Wake up early go to work. Day dream about designs for jewelry most of the day, while working on spreadsheets ( I'm a bookkeeper/ Office Manager). My boss is unbelievably supportive of my business so I am able to package up what needs to be shipped out there. Whenever he hears the packing tape gun he always shouts out from his office, “sounds like Edie had a sale… where’s it going to this time”. I only work part time so early afternoon I’m off to run errands. Post office, buying supplies, maybe take a walk or yoga to clear my head. Then check on my mom to see if she’s ok, her health is a little precarious. Then off to the studio to make stuff till I go to bed which is usually around two in the morning. I always try to get to bed early, but as one would suspect I’m a night owl and get a second wind around ten o’clock that lasts for a long time. And when you get that momentum to create it’s a blessing so you’ve just got to go with it.

CZ: Zombies or Vampires?
EJP: Do I really have to choose. They both have their strong points. Considering my strong Goth background I think I will have to side with the vampires. Only if they are old school vampires.

CZ: Which horror character do you identify with most?
EJP: Madeline Usher from Fall of the House of Usher. I’m not so sure I actually identify with her, but I know I’d like to be her in the Vincent Price version. Or Theodora from The Haunting, the old black and white version of course. Oh and then there is always Mina Harker, and I do really identify with her in the 1974 Frank Langella version or, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman.

CZ: What scares you?
EJP: The only thing that really, really scares me in this world is debt. Everything else I can totally handle… well except clowns. Isn’t that everyone’s exception though. Why do we continue to allow them near our children when everyone on this planet is afraid of them, and has some childhood trauma story about them. I think it’s collective insanity that we still think of them and fun for children. One of my friends was told by his grandfather when he was little that clowns didn’t wear makeup that’s just how they looked. They were a different breed of people and had to take jobs in the entertainment industry to make a living cuz they couldn’t fit in with the rest of society. In my heart of hearts I also believe this to be true, but my beliefs take it a step further. I believe that they come from an alternate dimension to drain the energy of our children and to feed on their souls. I also use to be really afraid of anyone dressed up in a character suit like Mickey Mouse but I’ve worked though that, and can stand next to them uncomfortably without hitting or biting them. I’ve made A LOT of progress.

CZ: When my undead masses take over will you be with us or against us?
EJP: With you!!! Absolutely!!! I’ve already picked out a lovely shroud and matching jewelry to complement the gore and wounds that will highlight my undead pallor.

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  1. That was an enjoyable read! And I think your on to something about the whole clown thing ;)

  2. exciting interview! loved it all! ironically enough, im scared to death of clowns too!