Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pirates vs Ninjas

Everyone knows that pirate and ninjas are mortal enemies so what could make for a more interesting party?! My friends Will and Natasha wanted to host a Christmas party but they wanted to set it apart from all the rest – a Pirates vs Ninjas theme is how they accomplished that task.  
                  I guess pirates and ninjas CAN get along!

                                         Oh…maybe not!
I was lucky to know about this party early enough that I could hit up some Halloween clearance sales and get some custom orders from Etsy for our costumes. Plus I had a ton of accessories from our Halloween 2009 gypsy costumes that worked great for this purpose! My underbust corset/vest came from CreationsByAngelia, the shirt from ohanasewing, and my earrings from Sillycut.

Our budget pirates - not too bad!
We had always wanted to do pirate costumes but had just never got around to it. I definitely see us building on them though, since we had to do these on a major budget after our Halloween spending. Things we’d like to add:

• A sword for my costume
• A replica pistol for each of us (mine was hollow plastic)
• Actual cuffed boots for us both instead of covers
• A gold tooth cover for me
• A convincing clip-on earring for him
• A real jacket for him instead of costume quality

I think everyone had a blast with the costumes and decorations and it really made for a unique, non-Halloween, party! They are thinking of making a tradition and I truly hope they do!

Ninjas were definitely in the minority that night (because everyone knows that pirates are WAY cooler!)

                               Avast ye hearties, yo ho!

           Ever seen pirates and ninjas playing Rock Band?  Well now you have!