Monday, August 30, 2010

Q&A with RubySkeleton

RubySkeleton makes some of the most interesting hair accessories I’ve seen. Like dinosaurs? Pirates? Cards? Whatever it is you’re into she probably has something for you! Read on to find out what drives her creativity!

CZ: Tell us a little about yourself!

RS: I am a smoking, whisky drinking, hair flower making, 23 year old skeleton & I am madly in love with my soul mate Mike! I have been fascinated by skulls, skeletons, horror movies, & all my jazz since I could remember & I will always find the beauty within it. I find it mighty amazing that skulls, bones, skeletons lie beneath the flesh of living things & it shows only when the time is a tickin’ for death to come a knockin’.

I am getting married this Halloween to my amazing fiancé Mike. Every day we find more things we have in common. We have both held the love for Halloween, skulls, horror, etc., since we were youngins & then it was time to share it with one another. Whew you should see our home! We have been together over 7 years & I am excited & nervous for our BIG wedding day.

We have 10 awesome animals we love like children. We named them after horror movie icons & such because of our love for those type of movies & ideas. Bonez-our first baby, he is a 5 year old black cat, Medusa-bearded dragon, Skeleton-our beauty puppy, Phantom-crazy black & white cat, Pirate & Hooker-slider turtles, 2 red iguanas named Crimson & Vampyre, a gerbil named Darth Vader, &our newest addition- Zombie- our goofy puppy!

I am obsessed with & collect all things skulls, skeletons, bones, love eternal, zombies, vampires, polka dots, red & black, cherries, leopard & zebra print, hearts, stars, gaudy jewelry, hair flowers, music, movies, tattoos, pinup ladies, Marilyn Monroe , vintage goods, & many, many other things.

CZ: What type of items do you sell?

RS: I am currently selling handmade, unique, sweet, & spooky hair flowers!

CZ: What is the inspiration behind your shop and what keeps you motivated?

RS: The inspiration behind my shops lies between my love for spicing up my look with a hair flower & my soul mate Mike. I own probably 20 of my own hair flowers, 3 of which I created for myself. It all started when I wanted to buy a hair flower off Etsy & it was a little pricey. My fiancé Mike looked at me & said something of the nature, "I know you can make your own, you can be creative when you want, that way you can have them your way & the cost would not be as much as everywhere else". He gave me that push to tap into my creative side, I never thought I had. So off we went to craft stores to purchase the items I might need to carry on. I bought silk flowers, a few buttons, a glue gun, ribbon, & glitter. When I plugged in that glue gun I had no idea what I was getting myself into! After the first one was done I just could not stop! I did not want to go to work the following work day, I wanted to stay home & make hair flowers. My soul mate Mike encouraged me to create hair flowers for myself, then after the first one was finished, he encouraged me to try & sell my creations on a web site full of awesome creators that make all kinds of amazing items, which I had purchased from. All in all I am very happy that my creative side has finally come out to play in something productive that others can enjoy!

CZ: What is the greatest compliment you have received about your work?

RS: I have only sold 5 so far but I have made a few for family & friends. Since I do not get to see the bright faces of my customers when they receive their hair flower, the best compliment would be seeing the faces of friends & family light up with a smile when I gave them a hair flower. Seeing that warms my bloody red heart!

CZ: When did you first realize that you weren’t “like the other kids”?

RS: I have never been like other kids & I never wanted to be. I was always different, even to this day & I love it! The first time I realized was probably wayyy back in grade school when other kids just treated me different because I did not like the same things they did or wear the same things. In high school, I wanted this grey & black skirt outfit badly, it was crazy looking. My mom gets the $ to buy it, so I wore it to skewl, a preppy chick stops in the hallway, looks at me & my outfit & exclaims, "What the hell is that girl wearing" & busted out laughing with her friends. Yea, I was embarrassed & pissed off, but then a smile emerged knowing that I was different & my style has a mind of its own, it made me feel good! I always hated skewl in every grade, mostly because of all the judgmental kids walking around thinking they are better than everyone else. I was always quiet (still am at times), sure I had a few friends, some close, but I always preferred to be left alone when it came to the ludicrous sh*t. I love being unique & different, that will never change!

CZ: What’s a typical day in the life of this Dark Sider like?

RS: My typical day consists of waking up late everyday(I really should go to sleep sooner), brushing the bones in my mouth, getting some coffee, checking my email & all the good stuff, petting my babies, go to work, come home, eat dinner, rack my brain for new ideas for anything & everything whenever I find it possible, maybe watch a movie or 2, drink on occasion, forensic files @11pm, return to my nightmares.

CZ: Do you prefer zombies or vampires?

RS: I love the idea of both but I would have to say that vampires is what I love more, I would rather drink red blood than eat mushy brains muahaha! And no, it is definitely not because of Twilight, I kinda refuse it set my eyes on it, it turns me off because it is not like the original, I give it props for trying to be different, but when I heard that there were vampires sparkling, no no no, not my taste! The whole idea behind vampires is just illuminating to me. Every time I watch a vampire movie, the passion I feel just makes me want to be bitten so I can hunger for the blood!

CZ: Which horror character do you identify with most and why?

RS: OH how I love the beautiful women of horror! My favorites are- Carrie White(Sissy Spacek), Kristy(Ashley Lawrence from Hellraiser), Linnea Quigley-Trash(the red headed punk rock chick from Return of the Living Dead), Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Tilly, Sheri Moon Zombie, & many more!

CZ: Which elusive creature do you believe is more likely to be real: El Chupacabra or Sasquatch?

RS: I like to think either one exists. I would love to run into the El Chupacabra- it looks rather creepy! Sasquatch seems more likely to exist though.

CZ: Who is more likely to enslave the human race - aliens or robots?


CZ: What scares you?

RS: Believe it or not- sometimes the dark when I am alone, spiders, large snakes, being murdered, my family being murdered, animals treated badly, children being forced into liking something they do not want to like, children being treated badly & shown no love, the world ending, oil in the gulf, cancer, diseases, hospitals, going to the doctor, taking my babies to the vet, the list goes on...

CZ: When my undead masses take over will you be with us or against us?

RS: I will definably be with you, until my brains get eaten & I have no control over which head looks most tasty!

Keep up with RubySkeleton's world here:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

When Witches Go Riding...

Another of the classic costumes that I think deserves some attention is the witch. No offense to my pagan friends – I think we all know that the witch I’m talking about is a fictional character. ;) There are a lot of different takes on the witch costume. You could go modern or medieval, earthy or glamorous, beautiful enchantress or ugly old crone. One thing they have in common is that they are all wicked! So, without further ado, here’s my mish-mash idea of a good witch costume.

The dress makes the woman and this costume calls for one that is nothing short of fabulous. I decided to go with this renaissance era hooded gown from camelotcostumes. Why the hood? Because I felt the pointy hat was just a tad unrealistic for this vision.

Midnightzodiac has a fantastic purple leather bird mask that looks absolutely evil! I think it is perfect for my witch. She has to be incognito so as not to get burned at the stake. ;)

On to accessories! We need items that are beautiful yet odd, and even a little repulsive to some people. This bird skull choker from ravenofskys fits the bill, as does NaturePunk’s glass fox eye ring.

One last item that no self-respecting witch would be without – a broom! I love this black, natural one made by BROOMCHICK; it’s very fitting. Now throw on some pointy shoes, grab your familiar, and go make some mischief!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Q&A with LuluCupcake

LuluCupcake is your one stop shop for Lolita bows, creepy hair clips, feather fascinators, and doggie hair bows!

CZ: Tell us a little about yourself!
LLC: I am a hair stylist, and therefore obsessed with anything I can make and put in my hair! I keep one of everything I make. I love anything girly, especially bows. I love to make things for my little pug as well, because dogs need a little something extra sometimes too!

CZ: What type of items do you sell?
LLC: Hair accessories, bows, clips, feathers etc.

CZ: What is the inspiration behind your shop and what keeps you motivated?
LLC: The inspiration was that I has never found anything like what I make for your hair and at a good price! I really love crafting and I'm always inspired, so I never get bored.

CZ: What is the greatest compliment you have received about your work?
LLC: The best compliment is when I have a repeat customer and rave reviews. It makes me want to keep on doing what I'm doing.

CZ: When did you first realize that you weren’t “like the other kids”?
LLC: When I was 11, I realized I hated preppy clothing and I hated "fitting" in it wasn't me. Also at the ripe age of 5 I knew all the rock songs on the radio station, forget pop!

CZ: What’s a typical day in the life of this Dark Sider like?
LLC: I work full time, so after that I craft for a few hours, fill any orders, post new things and usually wander into bed and drift off to it's all sunny on Philadelphia

CZ: Do you prefer zombies or vampires?
LLC: I prefer a zombie vampire

CZ: Which horror character do you identify with most and why?
LLC: The mean gremlins. I make weird noises

CZ: Which elusive creature do you believe is more likely to be real: El Chupacabra or Sasquatch?
LLC: Sasquatch

CZ: Who is more likely to enslave the human race - aliens or robots?
LLC: Robots

CZ: What scares you?
LLC: The dark.. Seriously

CZ: When my undead masses take over will you be with us or against us?
LLC: With!

Keep a watch for new items from LuluCupcake here:

Friday, August 20, 2010

Etsy Dark Team's Countdown to Halloween: Faux Pumpkin Carving

I've written another article for the Dark Side's blog.  This one is about carving fake pumpkins using a hot knife.  Go check it out and then make some wicked pumpkins of your own!

Etsy Dark Team: Faux Pumpkin Carving

Monday, August 16, 2010

Q&A with Holly, creator of OrdoAtraSerpentis

Holly is one of the newer members of Etsy’s Dark Side. I got to know her a little better by doing this interview and I hope you’ll do the same by reading it!

CZ: Tell us a little about yourself!
OAS: During the daytime I work in I.T.  I fell into I.T. while working part time to support my diploma study in Fine Arts and Fashion Design and Construction.
I have been making arts and crafts my whole life. I never feel complete or relaxed unless I am making something or thinking about making something.  I LOVE knitting and am obsessed with Werewolves, cuttlefish and eels.  I love black metal, industrial and classical music.  I must marry The Doctor.
I started my Etsy shop as an excuse to get money back for the craft I make and was surprised (pleasantly) when people actually wanted to by my creations.

CZ: What type of items do you sell?
OAS: I sell Clothing and Accessories featuring Hand Screenprinted art by myself and two others.  These designs are inspired by the occult, gnostic, luciferian and sometimes just evil-ish things.  Shirts, Skirts, Bags, Gauntlets and papergoods are all featured in the shop.

CZ: What is the inspiration behind your shop and what keeps you motivated?
OAS: My main inspiration is the Occult - luciferian and chaos gnosticism as well as plain old devil-y and demon-ish stuff. I don't need too much motivation as I constantly feel compelled to create and find it difficult to relax and stop. I like to think that I can have an influence on someone’s life, aesthetically and spiritually as most designs have a spiritual idea behind them.

CZ: What is the greatest compliment you have received about your work?
OAS: The fact that anyone would buy and wear an item that I have created is flattering.
I often look at the favourites of customers and am excited to see my items alongside other amazing creations. One of my shirts was in the film clip for the industrial band Shiv-r which was exciting.

CZ: When did you first realize that you weren’t “like the other kids”?
OAS: I grew up in a small town on the south east coast of Australia. I was different from the second I was born; I had a blood clot on my spinal cord which means I had to (and have to now) use a wheelchair.
I was the only person within a 3 hours drive that was in a wheelchair. So from the start there was no point trying to be like everyone else. So I was just me. When I was a teenager my family moved to Sydney (capital of my state) and this was the first time I met other weird kids. Sydney had so much to offer and lots of cool shops and places it really opened up life to me and I realised I wanted to be an artist/designer.

CZ: What’s a typical day in the life of this Dark Sider like?
OAS: I wake up early and go to work. I work at work, check etsy emails at work and pack up items if I need to. My boss is really great about it, she understands that I work really hard to fit everything in.
I go home around 4. Get home and do some sewing or screen printing. Eat some dinner then mess around with photos and listing while listening to music. Do some knitting in bed, read some books (currently Elric of Melniboné).

CZ: Do you prefer zombies or vampires?
OAS: Werewolves would destroy both in my mind. I think a Zombie Velociraptor would be cool though.  I wouldn't mind going a few rounds with Erik Northman. Overall can I vote werewolf?

CZ: Which horror character do you identify with most and why?
OAS: Hmm I would have to say werewolf, part nice normal girl, part blood thirsty crazed and obsessed with total annihilation.

CZ: Which elusive creature do you believe is more likely to be real: El Chupacabra or Sasquatch?
OAS: I actually don’t know anything about either of those as they are American and I live in Australia.  We have things here called Bunyips which I suppose are like Sasquatch but are more evil spirits than dumb monster things. I think they are real, growing up in the bush I was pretty afraid of them.

CZ: Who is more likely to enslave the human race - aliens or robots?
OAS: Robots! Germs kill Aliens!! Hopefully some hot ones.

CZ: What scares you?
OAS: Hmmm.... not achieving anything in life is terrifying, people with no will to do anything with their life. I also really hate caterpillars.

CZ: When my undead masses take over will you be with us or against us?
OAS: Hmm… I would like to think I would be against to begin with then get turned in some glorious rampage of zombie slaughter culminating in being munched on and then becoming a zombie. That way I can try out both sides of the zombie apocalypse coin.

You can follow Holly and her art at these places:

Idlehandsdesigns Giveaway Winner!

Once again, I'd like to say thank you to all of the participants!

The winner of the Happy Phantom necklace is Tragic Bat!  She has been contacted and has 48 hours to respond to my message. If at that point I have not heard from her I will pick a new winner.

I'm a little disappointed that we didn't get enough entries to unlock the second prize.  I had raised the number because I've got so many more followers now then I did for the last giveaway - I had every expectation of meeting or surpassing the new required number!  Maybe next time?

I'm not sure what our next contest will be but you can be sure, with Halloween fast approaching, that there will be one. ;)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Step Right Up! To my Ringmaster costume idea that is... ;)

Circuses and carnivals have always had a creepy feel about them, therefore they make great Halloween fodder! So this week I’m going to cover a burlesque style Ringmaster costume!
I absolutely fell in love with lovechildboudoir’s work when I featured her in my Vampire Vixen piece. When I saw her Carnivale shrug I knew that I had to feature it too!

I’m pairing it with a cute tuxedo styled corset from kittyohara that has very simple lines to keep them from fighting for attention. SistersOfTheMoon’s huge Ringmaster tutu is the perfect compliment for the top half of our costume.

These adorable red spats from StraightRazorSlasher will dress up any pair of heels you decide to go with for the occasion!

And no master of ceremonies could be complete without their top hat and mustache! We’ll do a cute/girly take on these with a glittery mini from DeannaDangerDesigns and a sterling silver ‘stache by idlehandsdesigns.

Now add some fishnet stockings and a trademark whip and you’ll be dressed to impress ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and children of all ages! ;)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Q&A with Erin R. Kelly of Somnambulant

Erin has a HUGE imagination. Her art and stories can keep me entertained for hours! If you have a quirky sense of humor her shops are not to be missed. Take a peek into her head with this interview.

CZ: Tell us a little about yourself!
ERK: I'm a 31-year-old teenager who lives for Warped Tour, loves annoying people, and would consider sexing up a carnie if it meant I could travel with a carnival and ride the Zipper all summer.
I live in Pittsburgh with four cats, a 4-year-old son who requires a muzzle and restraints, and a super fantastic boyfriend who does everything but breathe for me and wipe my butt. (I'm only saying nice things about him today because he bought me lavender gelato and I have a real THANG for lavender-infused food.)
Things I might accept from you:
• Mixed CDs
• grilled cheese (especially when made with fancy cheese on pumpernickel)
• Draven shoes in a size 7.5
• Anything to do with The Cure
• a date to watch horror movies

CZ: What type of items do you sell?
ERK: I sell outsider art, paired with cautionary tales; pendants of said art; photographs from photoshoots I do involving plastic lens cameras and animal masks (those come with stories too); serial killer Valentines and Christmas cards.

CZ: What is the inspiration behind your shop and what keeps you motivated?
ERK: I'm inspired by lyrics of bands I like (currently Pierce the Veil, Chiodos, Emarosa, Dance Gavin Dance, & Circa Survive will come into play the most) and of course how I'm feeling about life. I'm actually taking a break from the art side of my Etsy ventures. I had a rough falling out with a good friend and she was always my #1 fan, so it's kind of depressing for me right now to hold a paint brush.
Hopefully I will reach the point where that WILL be my motivation to persevere!

CZ: What is the greatest compliment you have received about your work?
ERK: A few months ago, I totally got a convo from some lady who said she assumed I was a teenage boy based on my writing style and that she was "surprised" she ended up liking my art anyway. I laughed about that for hours. Then punched my head.
For real though, a customer returned a few weeks ago and asked that I make a miniature version of the Cupcake Couple I had previously painted of her and her fiancé, so that they could use it as the cake topper at their upcoming wedding.

CZ: When did you first realize that you weren’t “like the other kids”?
ERK: I guess I always knew, maybe since middle school, because I found things funny that weren't supposed to be. But I was always good at keeping my thoughts to myself. However, I remember in high school, sometime in 1996, I wrote a satirical essay on funeral homes for English class. Most of the kids in my class were like, "What the f**k is wrong with you?" but my teacher was dying at her desk when she read it out loud. It was always the teachers who were "getting" my humor, and not the kids.
But probably mostly it was 7th grade when I realized I was the only one raiding cemeteries for dinner.

CZ: What’s a typical day in the life of this Dark Sider like?
ERK: This Darksider spends the first half of her day praying that her child won't suddenly develop the ability to kill people with his thoughts. If I'm lucky, he'll let me catch up some of my DVRd shows (like The Real World, I won't lie). Then in the evening, I put on my super-professional facade and sit at a desk at a super-professional downtown law firm, where I assist attorneys in the Conflicts Department. Basically, I scan s**t into pdf's.
If I'm lucky, I will get time to write obnoxious tales in my blog, spy on my neighbors, and maybe get in a nice sweaty run at the cemetery. I love exercising in cemeteries. There - that's something about me.

CZ: Zombies or Vampires?
ERK: I love both, but I think I'll go with vampires. (Not Twilight, don't worry!) Lost Boys will always be my jam.
My son is the household zombie fanatic.

CZ: Which horror character do you identify with most and why?
ERK: I don't think this is so much identifying with as much as I want to have his unkillable baby, but Michael Myers. I am oddly attracted to him. In fact, I started dating my boyfriend nine years ago because he was a delivery driver at the company I worked for, and when he wore his blue coveralls, he reminded me of good ol' Mike.
Every haunted house I go to, it's like Michael Myers just KNOWS he could get into my pants if he wanted to, so I'm always singled out. One of them had me pinned to a wall one time and it was like porn for me. Meanwhile, the person behind the mask could look like Clay Aiken and I wouldn't care.

CZ: Which elusive creature do you believe is more likely to be real: El Chupacabra or Sasquatch?
ERK: Sasquatch, totally. That's why I won't go camping. Well, that and because I'm a priss.

CZ: What scares you?
ERK: Outer space, the ocean, glaciers, Alaska, water towers, power plants, being murdered, stumbling upon a shipwreck, open closet doors at night.

CZ: When my undead masses take over will you be with us or against us?
ERK: With you, but please make sure I don't take a bullet to the head. I'm not good at paying attention.

Don't miss a single hilarious thought from Erin - follow her antics here:

Lucky Number 13 - Friday the 13th Edition!

As I've posted before, on the 13th of every month I will be offering a Buy One Get One Free deal on my Original Art Prints.  If it happens to be Friday the 13th, like the one coming up, you'll get a free gift too!  Now is a great time to start buying Halloween decorations (or gifts for your Halloween friends!) and you shouldn't miss out on a good deal!
When you check out, please put the name of the print you'd like for free in the Message to Seller box.
You can see all of your choices here:

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Idlehandsdesigns Giveaway!

Idlehandsdesigns was gracious enough to offer a Happy Phantom Necklace as a giveaway prize!
(I love this necklace! Would it be wrong to enter my own contest? ;))

Be sure to follow all the rules. Earn as many entries as possible and spread the word! If we get 40 contestants I will throw in a second prize! I’ll be using to pick the winner(s) and will contact them the morning of August 16th. Good luck to you all!

Rules for entry:

Make sure I have SOME way to contact you if you win (Blogspot, Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, email, etc). Entries with no form of contact will be deleted.

If you win, you have 48 hours to respond to my contact. If I have not heard from you by that time I will pick a new winner.

You must post links to your actions here. If I can’t verify that you actually posted where you say you did your entries won’t count.

Please post all actions in the same comment so I can see how many entrants there are in a glance. It is okay to make more than one comment if you come back later and complete more actions.

Go browse Idlehandsdesigns’ shop. Leave a comment on this blog post telling me what your favorite item is. This earns your first entry!

You have until August 15th, at 11:59 pm EST to enter.

How to gain extra entries:

+1 entry - Heart Idlehandsdesigns’ shop (new and existing count).

+1 entry – Be or become a follower of Idlehandsdesigns’ blog.

+1 entry - Subscribe to the feed of Idlehandsdesigns’ blog with a feed reader (new and existing count).

+1 entry – Be or become a follower of @idle_hands on twitter.

+1 entry – Be or become a fan of Idlehandsdesigns on Facebook.

+2 entries - Blog about this giveaway.

+2 entries - Tweet (Twitter) about this giveaway.

+2 entries - Make a Facebook post about this giveaway.

+5 entries - Make a purchase from Idlehandsdesigns’ shop and post the transaction ID here!

+5 entries - Make a purchase from my shop and post the transaction ID here!

Q&A with Idlehandsdesigns

Idlehandsdesigns is one of the most amazing metal smiths I’ve ever seen! Her tastes are on the darker side but still light enough that anyone can find something in her shop. She took the time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for us!

CZ: Tell us a little about yourself!
IHD: I live in Seattle with my hubby and our two boston terriers named Ruby Sue and PJ.  Here in the emerald city I enjoy long days slicing, burning and beating up metal from my home studio.  Creating special pieces for special people all over the world. Thank you Etsy!  Our household is 100% vegetarian and always buzzing with music ❥

CZ: What type of items do you sell?
IHD: Rings, necklaces and earrings. Oh and the cufflinks and resin work are new. I have two other brands that I want to start up before I leave this planet!

 CZ: What is the inspiration behind your shop and what keeps you motivated?
IHD: I'm mostly inspired by music and all things spooky. I design for myself and with friends or musicians in mind. It's very important to me that my jewelry is well loved and durable. I'm not as concerned with volume as I am with building a connection. Each sutured heart necklace has a story of heartbreak or recovery. And the mustaches and brothel tokens are fun!

CZ: What is the greatest compliment you have received about your work?
IHD: Etsy's blog featuring me in the top of '09! And twice ::) (You can check it out here: Spotlight)

CZ: You’ve been featured on Etsy’s front page over 30 times (WOW!) – which spotlighted piece is your favorite and why?
IHD: I was most proud of them featuring my sutured heart. It's my signature piece and have been making it for like five years now. In general Etsy featuring me has been huge for my confidence. It's a silly thing to be hung up on but my lack of confidence holds me back. So I'm working on that!

CZ: When did you first realize that you weren’t “like the other kids”?
IHD: High school it started to sink in. For my 16th birthday I asked my mom for tarot cards and aromatherapy. I didn't get the tarot cards but an encyclopedia of aromatherapy along with lemongrass and lavender oil! It hasn't been until the last five years until I've embraced my inner weirdness. Ever since then things have gotten more awesome!

CZ: What’s a typical day in the life of this Dark Sider like?
IHD: I'm presently a one lady operation, so my days are super long.  Filled with corresponding about and making unique jewelry. Wrapping and packing orders. Building a community web on the internet.  I also take all of my product shots as well as run the marketing department.  Few... good thing I have amazing family.  Support is nice.
When I'm not "working" I enjoying taking my two crazy sidekicks to the park and going to shows with my husband.

CZ: Zombies or Vampires?
IHD: Eeek! Vampires ::)

CZ: Which horror character do you identify with most?
IHD: Liz from Hellboy

CZ: Which elusive creepy creature do you believe is more likely to be real: El Chupacabra or Sasquatch?
IHD: I'm gonna have to go with Mr. Sasquatch since he's a local celebrity ::)

CZ: What scares you?
IHD: Being lame.

CZ: When my undead masses take over will you be with us or against us?
IHD: Hell yes!

Idlehandsdesigns is a busy girl but you can keep up with all her doings at these places: - Fans get special perks!

Idlehandsdesigns is also a proud member of Etsy's Dark Side team. You can find more about the team here: