Thursday, August 26, 2010

When Witches Go Riding...

Another of the classic costumes that I think deserves some attention is the witch. No offense to my pagan friends – I think we all know that the witch I’m talking about is a fictional character. ;) There are a lot of different takes on the witch costume. You could go modern or medieval, earthy or glamorous, beautiful enchantress or ugly old crone. One thing they have in common is that they are all wicked! So, without further ado, here’s my mish-mash idea of a good witch costume.

The dress makes the woman and this costume calls for one that is nothing short of fabulous. I decided to go with this renaissance era hooded gown from camelotcostumes. Why the hood? Because I felt the pointy hat was just a tad unrealistic for this vision.

Midnightzodiac has a fantastic purple leather bird mask that looks absolutely evil! I think it is perfect for my witch. She has to be incognito so as not to get burned at the stake. ;)

On to accessories! We need items that are beautiful yet odd, and even a little repulsive to some people. This bird skull choker from ravenofskys fits the bill, as does NaturePunk’s glass fox eye ring.

One last item that no self-respecting witch would be without – a broom! I love this black, natural one made by BROOMCHICK; it’s very fitting. Now throw on some pointy shoes, grab your familiar, and go make some mischief!

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