Thursday, May 20, 2010

Costuming Alice

Being that we are already half way to Halloween, I think it’s time to start deciding on a costume.  I will be doing several of these types of posts between now and October - hope you enjoy them!

Now typically I don’t like to dress as a character from a recently released movie (especially a popular one) but Alice in Wonderland is such a classic that I think it would be acceptable this year. :)

I loved Tim Burton’s vision for Alice but it’s a little more Victorian than I want to go with so I took some inspiration from him but put a different twist on her. I started with this pendulum necklace I made and worked from there.
This fabulous halter dress from elishasewell makes for one sexy Alice!
Victorian goes punk with these arm ruffles from OpalMoonDesigns and leather and lace ruffled shoe cuffs from jdotdesigns.
Throw in some stripes for a fun spin! The stockings are from poppyswickedgarden and the shoulder bag from dot24.
I think a throwback to one of the most underrated characters is in order so we’ll go with a March Hare ring from grigio.
Of course, my Alice has already been to see the Mad Hatter (aka BubblesAndFrown), who has generously fitted her with this outstanding little number!


  1. OMG!! That is going to be one amazing costume!

  2. You are going to be the best Alice, ever!