Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry I've been MIA for nearly two weeks!  I've had content planned and everything - just haven't found the time to make it happen.  I had planned on starting back the Etsy interviews after Halloween and I've got three wrote and ready to go.  I promise they will go up soon! 

I had also planned on doing a little piece about my Halloween costume, which was inspired by one of my costume pieces from earlier in the year.  If anyone is interested I can put it up some time in December. 

So to my readers, please be patient with me through the rest of the year!  My calendar is booked with one thing or another for all of December (including a Pirate vs Ninjas party which should make for some interesting reading!) and my posting may be sporadic.  I WILL get back on track next year - it'll be my New Year's resolution. ;)

Oh!  And don't miss out on all the great deals from Etsy's Dark Side this weekend.  Black Friday through Cyber Monday you can find crazy good sales from participating shops (including 20% off everything in my store!)  See which shops and what deals here:

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