Saturday, September 25, 2010

Last Minute Costume

I thought it would be good to include a costume that was easy to throw together and even easier to get into. So it’s not flashy, awe-inspiring, or a show stopper – but it is EFFECTIVE!

Several years ago I got invited to a very last minute Halloween party. My costume for that year was a rather elaborate one that I didn’t feel like putting on so I started digging through my closet. What I came up with is something very similar to what I’m presenting to you below. I walked into this party (where I only knew the two people I came with, the hostess, and a couple of others) and never took my mask off. It took the hostess a while to figure out who I was but she never let on to the other guests. It freaked people out! I had a blast being that mysterious, creepy person in the room, leering at people from behind my black hockey mask and wielding my plastic machete. :D

The mask is what the entire costume revolves around. Sure, you could throw on any old rubber mask but I want one that makes an impression! This one from nightmaresdream takes my black hockey mask to the next level.

Now the rest of your outfit sets the mood. Put this mask on with a pink ruffled shirt and no one is going to be frightened (except for me….of the shirt though, not the mask!). A skeleton torso tee by PoisonAppleShirts fits the bill.

What psycho killer doesn’t love sharp objects? Especially stabby ones! A butcher knife necklace/earring combo, found in treasuredcharms’ shop, is perfect!

I fell in love with these when I saw them and just HAD to include them in this costume! Nevertoomuchglitter has Texas Chainsaw Manicure nails!

Top the whole thing off with a pair of dark denim distressed jeans, some beat up leather boots, an awesome leather jacket, and a fake stabbing implement and you’ll be ready to scare the crap out of all the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood!

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