Saturday, September 4, 2010

Halloween Wish List

Every year I have a wish list for Halloween and it's normally made up of high priced items that I will probably never have! I try to buy one thing from that list each year, along with all of my not-so-high priced purchases. Since I've been spending the whole morning drooling over and day dreaming about said list I thought I'd share it with you guys so you could do the same! ;)

Grandin Road
Every year Grandin Road carries a large selection of sophisticated, creepy Halloween offerings. This year is no exception:

Pottery Barn
While Pottery Barn doesn't have a huge Halloween section, they do carry some very cool (and very pricey) things!

Etsy offers scads of fantastic Halloween items.  There is so much available from a myriad of sellers - it's almost enough to make your head spin!  Be sure to check out the other items these shops have for sale and to see what other sellers are offering just put "Halloween" in Etsy's search box (pssst...add "etsydarkteam" to check out the macabre offerings from my favorite team)!


  1. Hehe, I too have a list longer than I am of the Halloween treasures I'd LOVE to get. Unfortunately my bank account can't accommodate my obsession!

  2. all the "hand" items remind me of my halloween wedding last year. We had a pewter zombie hand glass/candleholder set we used during our ceremony, we had skeleton hand wine glasses as favors, a skeleton hand knife set for cutting the cake and Frankenstein hand centerpiece vases!

    God I love HAlloween!

  3. So what are you going to get? I want 1 of everything.The flat jack o lantern is creepy, that would be my pick.

    Victoria ;0

  4. I love that cauldron punch bowl and cup set! Wow that's cool. If I regularly held Halloween parties anymore I'd buy that too!