Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vampire Vixen

I always struggle with deciding on a costume that I think no one else will be wearing. This always keeps me from going as one of the classic costumes – namely a vampire. So I thought I’d take some time looking around Etsy for unique vampire pieces. I found some great items!

This fabulous “Lady Lovecraft” shrug from lovechildboudoir sets the entire tone for our costume.

I wanted a top that was elegant and attractive but still let the shrug be the “star”. A lacy, silk corset from decadentdesignz was the perfect choice. AISHAX’s Vampire’s Delight skirt was the obvious pick to finish off the outfit.

Fabulize makes these awesome Victorian spats that I think screams Vampire, as do these sexy fingerless gloves from ZenAndCoffee!

Now on to the jewelry that helps pull the whole look together! I found two great rings, one for each hand: a ruby red stunner from CuriousGoodsCurios and an incredible bird skull ring by billyblue22. A bold necklace from EJPcreations tops the whole thing off magnificently!


  1. I just love this outfit! Such great finds. Thank you so much for including my necklace along with such amazing items.

  2. Stunning! Such a fantastic outfit you put together by so many talent artisans! Thank you so much for including my fingerless gloves among them!


  3. That would be a most stunning vampire outfit. :)

  4. That bird skull ring is too cool! You can't miss pairing it up with those snappy looking fingerless gloves ;)

  5. I love lovechildbousdoir! I have their To The Devil A Daughter bustle. LOVE IT.