Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dia de los Muertos Party Costume

A friend of mine decided that she wants her Halloween party this year to be Dia De Los Muertos themed. She put out a call for help on a costume and I started putting some thought into it. There are a few ways you could go with the costume and I wanted to put a twist on it. Read on to find out what cool stuff I came across!

Instead of the traditional Mexican dancer dress I thought we’d go with a more pinup/rockabilly style to add a sexy flair. I found this awesome piece on eBay from seller c-unique.

I also did some looking into the traditional route for those of you who might prefer it. Another great eBay find from ramseyscreations.  All of the accessories I have picked out are meant to go with the rockabilly dress. In my opinion, you would only need the hair flower and makeup to finish the look if you go with the Mexican dancing dress.

You could go with whatever shoes suit your taste best but the addition of dulcemuertebows’s cute little clips would be a great idea!

What woman can leave the house without a purse? This adorable clutch from deluxejunque contrasts with the dress but keeps with the sugar skull theme.

Artistamuerta’s “Pretty In Pink” muertas rosary necklace is perfect for this costume, as is this fantastic charm bracelet by cosmictrinkets! And what Day of the Dead outfit could be complete without the requisite hair flower? A big, attention drawing one from Mandizzle fits the bill.

Now onto the sugar skull makeup! This link features several different tutorials for doing your own. There are many different styles – just find one that suits you best and go for it! And for those of you who don’t want to fool with makeup, Masquefaire offers many different masks that get the job done for you!

Put it all together and you will be one hot calavera!  


  1. I have that skull fabric as my bedroom fabric. :) So cute! You're gonna look great.

  2. Oh how I LOVE Day of the Dead! Such a kick-ass, awesome, fun theme! The first dress will definitely add that pinup/rockabilly style for a sexy flair! I cannot wait to see the pictures!

  3. That make up is just beautiful. The Day of the Dead is such an amazing holiday. Wish we celebrated here in the US.

  4. Loving all of this! I love that it's all DIY-friendly, and that you included a link b/c I'm going to be the same this year!