Monday, January 10, 2011

Time Warp to Halloween 2010!

Now that my busy season is out of the way I finally have time to revisit my Halloween costume! If you followed my blog last year you know that I did an entire costume series and you may have been left wondering just what I was going to be. Well, my husband made the decision for me (since we normally like to do the matching thing) and we went with Steampunk!

My necklace is missing in this picture.
 At the point he decided on it, I had already made my Steampunk Halloween post (see so, basically, all of my creative work was done and the only thing left was to put together the pieces. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford the awesome skirt featured in the original post. But I do have an awesome grandma that is a fantastic seamstress! So I bought my materials, packed up my machine and went to see her.

I made a few other changes to my original vision as well: the addition of half gloves, losing the ring, leaving off the spats, and switching the propeller necklace out for a compass one. I also painted a nerf gun to fit the part but it’s not really visible in my pictures.

I was extremely pleased with how the costume turned out (even though people kept asking me if I was supposed to be Amelia Earhart) and would be happy to have another chance to wear it!

I wish I could have found some affordable spats for him.
My husband’s costume was much more difficult to come up with, mostly because he can’t make up his mind that far out from Halloween. In all fairness, I started asking in April and he didn’t decide until July. We went with a scientist/genius persona. You know the type – absorbed in his work, a bit disheveled and distracted. We grabbed the pants, shirt, pocket watch and shoes from a previous costume (Victorian-era Dracula) and me/my grandma made his vest. A quick jaunt through the interwebs produced a bowler, arm bands, goggles, and non-prescription glasses. I picked up the magnifying tool attached to the glasses at a hardware store. We bought a Nerf Maverick N-Strike to paint for the purpose. It turned out great! His costume was a hit and he was very pleased with it, which is a feat in itself!

This was our first Steampunk adventure but I don’t believe it will be our last…we had way too much fun!


  1. Most excellent pair of Costumes Rikki. Sounds like you guys had a great Halloween.

  2. Rikki your costumes came out great! The gun hanging from your husbands belt looks awesome.

  3. The costumes turned out awesome. Look professional and very expensive. You and your grandma did an awesome job on your skirt.

  4. Girl you just look adorable in that getup! Easy to do since you're cute as a button anyway :) I'm finding out I love steampunk too, I just bought a boss steampunk ring from CatherinetteRings on Etsy. One of that guy's rings was worn by a character on the show Warehouse 13. Check them out if you're into steampunk. Pretty cool stuff. Hugs!