Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Q&A with Living Dead Girl Nicole

All things blood, gore, and braaaaaaains can be found in Living Dead Girl Nicole’s shop! If you are a zombie fan, or horror in general, it’s a must-shop place. Read about her and what drives her art here and be sure to follow the links below!

CZ: Tell us a little about yourself!
LDGN: I find beauty in all things dark, spooky or mythical. Aspects of that are reflected not only in my style but also in my art work. When other little girls wanted to be ballerinas I wanted to be Elvira.... I still do! Some of my favorite things are horror movies/horror movie conventions, bats, Halloween (I'm a little obsessed and keep the décor out all year round), themed costume parties, Renaissance Faires, Tattoos (getting them and the whole art form itself), rock music/concerts (classic to heavy), fantasy and dark art, Universal Monsters and The Munsters. I love all things Rob Zombie, Tim Burton and Jim Henson. I have been with my high school sweetheart and soul mate, Frank, for 12 years this fall. We will be celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary this Halloween. We have 2 cats, Ichabod and Sabbath, and live in our townhome filled of horror movie memorabilia, art and interesting collections of fun creepy things. My Mother-in-law says our house is like a "museum" ha ha. I love that!

CZ: What type of items do you sell?
LDGN: I like to draw, paint, scrapbook, craft and do anything that gets my creative blood flowing. So because of that my shop is a nice mix of various types of my artwork. I have prints of my celebrity portraits and misc drawings in my shop. I also have zombie head props/decorations which I make from rubber liquid latex and other fun materials. I also started a line in my shop I call Dead Girl Decay which consists of wearable art and accessories. Most of the items are for that dark spooky girl who still loves to express her feminine side or that pin up girl who likes a little danger in her wardrobe. As I create my shop will continue to expand. There really is no set limit on what I want to create and sell which I think makes my shop unique. It is always changing with new items to hopefully keep customers coming back for more.

CZ: What is the inspiration behind your shop and what keeps you motivated?
LDGN: My artistic passion to create is really what is the spine of my shop. It’s what inspires and holds it all together. Since the first time I picked up a crayon as a little girl and started to kick ass in coloring contests I have been inspired to do art. My Dad, being an artist himself, was a huge inspiration to me and my art growing up. When other little kids were learning how to color in the lines he was showing me how he shades and blends colors. Because I like creating a wide range of art I can switch up the items I make which allows me more room for expression without feeling overwhelmed by one medium. My celebrity portraits depict characters from cinema, television and music that I admire. My zombie head prop decorations come from my love of horror and wanting so badly to be a part of the horror movie industry. My Dead Girl Decay wearable art line was actually inspired by my own personal spooky but feminine style. I have a arm sleeve (tattoo) that consists of dark beautiful woman from cinema and television with a banner that says “Pretty Scary”. All the women I admire that are dark, mysterious and odd but still drop dead gorgeous. It really expresses who I am as a person and how they have inspired me to be me. I wanted to create items that I feel women like myself would wear.

CZ: What is the greatest compliment you have received about your work?
LDGN: Oh wow this is a tough one. I think it was a cross between a couple famous encounters. One when I met Cassandra Peterson. I gave her the portrait I drew of her as Elvira. And when she looked at it she said “Man this has been an art filled weekend. I have gotten a lot of great pieces.. but this one… this one.. is REEEEAAALY good!!!”. At that moment I realized a little girls dream could come true and I really think my heart literally skipped a beat. Another would be when I gave George Romero his “George” Zombie Head that I made of him. His manager walked me up to the front of the line when I showed him what I had to give to him. And when I walked up there I said “you always make zombies for all of us fans.. so I made you your very own zombie”. His eyes lit up. And he was like “WOW YOU made THIS!!! This is GREAT!!!” And he laughed and got a complete kick out of it and insisted we take a photo together with it. He displayed it on his table at the convention for the rest of the day and every time I walked by and saw it I got all giddy.

CZ: When did you first realize that you weren’t “like the other kids”?
LDGN: When I took my Barbie dolls and colored them with my Crayola markers to make them look “different”. When the Jem and the Holograms and their enemies the Misfits came out I was in little girl doll heaven ha ha. I liked them because they were different. They had bright colorful hair and makeup and flashy odd punk rocker clothes and they looked nothing like my Barbie. To this day I still enjoy looking nothing like my Barbie.

CZ: What’s a typical day in the life of this Dark Sider like?
LDGN: Every day is a new day to me with new opportunities. But typically I work full time in an office during the day (blah). My weekends are usually when I get the most time to unwind and do things as well as my art. My husband set me up a whole art area in our dungeon (some people call them basements) where I can go and hide and get lost in the creative madness. Art allows me to let my mind go of any stress and escape from the realities of the world. It truly makes me happy and keeps me sane.

CZ: Do you prefer zombies or vampires?
LDGN: Ever since I was a little girl and I watched the Lost Boys I was intrigued. My all time favorite is Bram Stoker’s Dracula (the book that started it all and also the movie). My wedding gown was even based off of Mina’s red dress in the film and the theme of our wedding was “Love Never Dies”. There is just something about a vampire that is dangerous, mysterious and sexy that sucks you in (no pun intended). I am also a big zombie fan. I always say if they attacked I would hope I just got bit so I could join 'em and not fight 'em. Yeah so you might drool a little and live off brains and flesh, but why spend the rest of your life running in fear.. when you could be the one that is chasing everyone down and being feared. But if I had the choice between the two I would definitely want to spend the rest of my days as one of Dracula's brides.

CZ: Which horror character do you identify with most and why?
LDGN: I would definitely pick Baby Firefly from House of 1000 Corpses and the Devil’s Rejects. I like how she can lure you in with her charm but the minute you piss her off - watch out! In ways I am the same way. I can be nice to you but the minute you cross me it's over. Not to mention I am a huge horror fan and I love the concept of her killing…….she laughs in your face and still looks hot while doing it! Sheri Moon Zombie also happens to be one of my idols. I simply adore her. I actually have a Baby Firefly tattoo on my leg and have met her a couple of times. She is simply a beautiful person all around hands down and amazing to her fans. If I was famous I would want to be the same way.

CZ: Which elusive creature do you believe is more likely to be real: El Chupacabra or Sasquatch?
LDGN: I think Sasquatch is more likely to be real (his "image" looks like a stage of evolution anyways ha ha) but I would hope that El Chupacabra was real because I find it more intriguing.

CZ: Who is more likely to enslave the human race - aliens or robots?
LDGN: Most definitely Aliens! I am sure they are already have a plan up their sleeves for 2012.

CZ: What scares you?
LDGN: I can handle all the spooky things that go bump in the night. I am more or less afraid of getting Alzheimer’s and not being able to remember the life I lived or the people I love. I know it’s a lot more serious of an answer than saying I am scared of spiders or clowns… but it’s truly my biggest fear.

CZ: When my undead masses take over will you be with us or against us?
LDGN: Well I am already a living dead girl!! So Go TEAM UNDEAD!

CZ: Any links you’d like included?


  1. AHH!! Thank you so much for this feature/interview!! I can't express in words how much it means to me. I plan on spreading the word to everyone I know so they can come read it!! You rock!!!

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  3. Nicole you are truely all around amazing person! And its people like you who help my daughter know its AWESOME to be yourself! Being "dark" is always hotter than being plastic! Thank you for being you! Mia will always be your #1 fan! And I am right behind her! Keep up the awesome work doll

  4. Great interview! I like her shop-quite eclectic and great!

  5. Nicole,
    Over the last 7 years that I have known you (bonded over Art of course)- I have watched your work expand and grow. You work in so many different mediums it amazes me with what you will come up with next. From faeries to zombies, its been an honor to be your friend.
    Love, Heather