Friday, January 6, 2012

Lucky Number 13 Sale!

After a year of slacking (or a year of being so busy that I can't manage everything efficiently...whichever way you prefer to look at it) I am bringing back the Lucky #13 Sale! :D

On the 13th of every month I will be offering a Buy One Get One Free deal on my Original Art Prints! And if it happens to be Friday the 13th (like this coming Friday!), you'll get a free gift too!! I'm changing things up a little bit this time around though - for the better!  Now you'll get a free print with ANY purchase of $12 or more!

Please put the name of the print you'd like for free in the Message to Seller box. You can see all of the options for your free print here:

Monday, September 5, 2011

A Discount and New Product! :D

Now through October 3rd, use code HWPREP20 to receive 20% off your entire purchase in my CustomZombie shop! Get ready for Halloween with cemetery photos, zombie portraits, divination tools, and pumpkin patterns! I'll be adding new items regularly so check back often!

Also, I'm now offering originally designed pumpkin patterns for sale - only $2 each.  More to come soon!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Give Me Your Suggestions :)

This is an open call for suggestions for my costume series. What would you like to see me put my spin on? Male, female, unisex, or couples costumes...doesn't matter. I'm not saying that every suggestion will make the cut but I will seriously consider each and every one I receive - so comment away! :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Etsy's Dark Side Street Team: "It Came From Beyond!"

So the month of March was way busy and hectic for me and I was a slacker when it came to doing the Dark Team's monthly exhibition....oops. To *attempt* to make up for it I've put together a couple of treasuries featuring the items submitted for March, along with a few extras!  Enjoy!

'It Came From Beyond!' by CustomZombie

An "Etsy Dark Team" collection!

The Drifter

Nosferatu Vampire n...

Sea Serpent and Dor...

Evil eyes bustle tu...

Spooky Creepy Faces...

Born on the Chime H...

SALE this Week Worl...

CUSTOM Mini Zombie ...

My Pretty Zombie Da...

Reserved Roger99 Th...

Miniature Bird Cage...

2 FUN Mini Zombie H...

CUSTOM Mini Me Coff...

SALE Tentacle Skirt

Men's Organic H...

Horror Girls - Mumm...


'It Came From Beyond (spillover)!' by CustomZombie

Extras from the "Etsy Dark Team" collection! ;)

Tar Phoenix V : The...


Zombie Severed Fing...


Queen Nefaria OOAK ...

Mini Scary Creepy E...

CRAZY Zombie Brains...

cthulhu sock monste...

Cemetery Scene Box

Tentacle Hood Wrap ...

Mr. Bones Winter Wo...

Bite Size - Green S...

Stoneware Frankenst...

The Tattered Lurker...

Cthulhu Baby Hat Kn...

Metaluna Mutant Lin...


Friday, March 18, 2011

Sherlock Bones!

I have been watching a ton of Sherlock Holmes shows/movies lately (my husband is a fanatic) and was inspired to make this book cover parody.  I'm hoping to end up with an entire series of this type of digital art print. :)

By the way, if you're a Holmes fan and you haven't seen the Grenada BBC series starring Jeremy Brett then you are just WRONG! ;)

Click the caption below the picture to be taken to the listing!

The Adventures of Sherlock Bones: The Dead-Headed League

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dia de los Muertos Party Costume

A friend of mine decided that she wants her Halloween party this year to be Dia De Los Muertos themed. She put out a call for help on a costume and I started putting some thought into it. There are a few ways you could go with the costume and I wanted to put a twist on it. Read on to find out what cool stuff I came across!

Instead of the traditional Mexican dancer dress I thought we’d go with a more pinup/rockabilly style to add a sexy flair. I found this awesome piece on eBay from seller c-unique.

I also did some looking into the traditional route for those of you who might prefer it. Another great eBay find from ramseyscreations.  All of the accessories I have picked out are meant to go with the rockabilly dress. In my opinion, you would only need the hair flower and makeup to finish the look if you go with the Mexican dancing dress.

You could go with whatever shoes suit your taste best but the addition of dulcemuertebows’s cute little clips would be a great idea!

What woman can leave the house without a purse? This adorable clutch from deluxejunque contrasts with the dress but keeps with the sugar skull theme.

Artistamuerta’s “Pretty In Pink” muertas rosary necklace is perfect for this costume, as is this fantastic charm bracelet by cosmictrinkets! And what Day of the Dead outfit could be complete without the requisite hair flower? A big, attention drawing one from Mandizzle fits the bill.

Now onto the sugar skull makeup! This link features several different tutorials for doing your own. There are many different styles – just find one that suits you best and go for it! And for those of you who don’t want to fool with makeup, Masquefaire offers many different masks that get the job done for you!

Put it all together and you will be one hot calavera!  

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Review - "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dreadfully Ever After"

The story opens with our newly married protagonists, Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy, defending their village from an army of flesh-eating “unmentionables.” But the honeymoon has barely begun when poor Mr. Darcy is nipped by a rampaging dreadful.
Elizabeth knows the proper course of action is to promptly behead her husband (and then burn the corpse, just to be safe). But when she learns of a miracle antidote under development in London, she realizes there may be one last chance to save her true love—and for everyone to live happily ever after.

Steve Hockensmith has done it again! I didn’t think the feeling could be any greater than it was when I finished “Dawn of the Dreadfuls” but it absolutely was! The feeling is one of simply not wanting a book to end. It’s one I’ve not had often but it was so strong when I finished “Dreadfully Ever After” that it was nearly painful. I LOVE this book!

The action doesn’t take long to start – only ten pages into the book the unmentionables infect Elizabeth’s beloved husband, Darcy. This is the event the entire book centers around as the Bennett family does their best to save him by putting their trust in Lady Catherine, befriending ninjas, and doing whatever necessary to lay hands on the fabled cure. Twists and shocking turns abound in the manner I’ve come to expect from the PPZ series. While we see less of Mrs. Bennett in this installment, we see much more of Kitty and Mary. Hockensmith develops their characters nicely, turns them around from the dislikeable (or at least, forgettable) personalities they had been before, and makes one nearly as fond of them as Austen made us of Lizzy and Jane.

London gets turned upside down, Lady Catherine finally gets what’s coming to her, and the whole family – with the exception of Mrs. Bennett – finds the happiness they all deserve. I am, however, saddened knowing that this is the last we are intended to hear of my favorite family from the Regency era! I thoroughly recommend “Dreadfully Ever After” to anyone who can read and if you haven’t yet indulged in “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” or “Dawn of the Dreadfuls” I suggest you do so! I suspect I will be reading all three again very soon: they have become my favorite books with “Dreadfully Ever After” unexpectedly slipping into the #1 spot!

"Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dreadfully Ever After" will be released on March 22nd, 2011.  You can pre-order from Amazon now.  You can also follow the book on Facebook to see what other early reviewers have to say about it!